The Chamber Putter Mallett Revolutionary Golf Putter

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The Chamber Putter’s revolutionary technology places 90% of the putter’s head weight in the heel and toe, which makes the entire face a sweet spot.
The Chamber Putter incorporates a carbon fiber head with hollow “chambers” in the heel and toe of the putter which are filled with tungsten.
This extreme heel toe weighting makes the putter resistant to twist no matter where you hit it on the face.

Core Features:
7X more forgiving than traditional weighted putters
90% of the putter’s head weight in the heel and toe
Carbon fiber head and natural weighted feel
Oversized grip with grid lines
Twist face resistant

Chamber Technology
What makes this putter unique is that the body gains its strength from carbon fiber.
While carbon fiber (aka 'graphite') is widely used in golf it does not have much of a presence in putter construction.
The carbon fiber is injection molded to form a traditional mallet body but is a fraction of the weight compared to a metal body.
There are two large chambers located in the heel and toe of the sole.
Both chambers are densely filled with tungsten bound by rubber.
This leads to 90% of the Chamber putter's weight distributed away from the face; towards the heel and toe.
This weight distribution leads to a very high MOI and great stability on off-center impacts.
There are adjustable heel and toe weights available in both aluminum and tungsten to help alter swing weight and weight distribution within the head.
A nylon face imparts a very soft feel and sound while the groove technology impart an over-spin to the ball more efficiently than a non-grooved face.

"Most Forgiving Putter On the Planet"
The Chamber Putter revolutionary technology offers the highest ratio in the market of heel to toe weighting in a putter.
This was accomplished by creating a carbon fiber putter head with open cavities or “chambers” in the heel and toe of the putter.
These chambers are filled with tungsten which places approximately 90% of the overall head weight in the heel and toe maximizing Moment of Inertia, which means the putter is less likely to twist on off center hits.
Computer simulations have shown that the Original Chamber Putter is seven times (7x) more forgiving than more traditional weighted putters.

Jeff Sheets- Designer
Jeff Sheets has worked with more than 60 of golf's majors winners and two dozen golf hall of fame members on their most important tools - their golf clubs.
Over the past quarter century Jeff's expertise in designing, fitting and customizing golf equipment has led to countless victories with some of the game's biggest names.