Selle Italia X-LR TM Air Cross Superflow 268x140mm MTB and Road Bike Saddle

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Excellent performance to live the off-road world to the fullest.
The X-LR AirCross Superflow ensures maximum performance by combining unprecedented lightness and solidity.
This saddle, specially designed for the off-road world, is equipped with a special AirCross Tech technology that guarantees considerable resistance to abrasion and aging and a revolutionary design for a stylish and attractive product.
Present in both Fill and Superflow versions, it is composed of a softer inner layer and a waterproof outer layer, achieving the right balance between comfort, strength and performance.

Reinforced edges for real world durability
Air Cross dual-layer structure gives soft inner layer for comfort with a waterproof external layer for protection
SuperFlow reduces physical limitations from prolonged pressure in the perineal area
Double-density padding for a softer tip for ease of movement with high-density rear for the stability while pedaling
Manganese rails