Laser Link Golf RH Fore Laser Golf Pistol Grip Rangefinder

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The Legend Continues! The original pistol-grip rangefinder is new and improved.
The RH Fore is the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite golfer - regardless of skill level.
The RH Fore rangefinder makes it easy to read the distance to any target on the golf course - flagsticks, trees, hazards, etc. - at the touch of a button.

Exclusive Voice Feature - RH Fore speaks distance in yards or meters
The magnetic handle secures the RH Fore to your cart or other metal surfaces
Improved LCD screen
Red-dot alignment
No Batteries - Rechargeable
USB-C Charger not included
3 Measuring Choices
Quick Shot - Measure prism
Hot Shot - Reads distance to any target
Slope - Measures any target and calculates slope for exact distance

Model LL-RH4
Size 5.375” x 2” x 3.125”
Weight 6.4 ounces
Battery Rechargable
Range 1-1000yd (1-900m)
Units yards or meters
Accuracy +/- 1yd (1m)