Neuropeak Pro Black Ntel Belt Large Heart Rate Monitoring Training Device

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Welcome to the Science of Performance.
The Neuropeak Pro NTEL BELT is a premier device that revolutionizes performance training through our proprietary Precision Breathing and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training.
The NTEL BELT is worn around the torso, while the Neuropeak Pro app and instructional videos guide users through training sessions and on-course application designed to help optimize an individual’s ability to respond to stress and unlock “zone-like” performance potential.
Download the Neuropeak Pro App to conduct training session and learn to breathe in a way that maximizes your performance in the game, at work, at home, and when it matters most.

The NTEL BELT uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the Neuropeak Pro App where you will:
Conduct Precision Breathing sessions and monitor HRV in real-time
Gain insight into your breathing metrics and progress
Learn how to adopt a successful breathing practice with video instruction from our team
Unlock instructional content specific to your areas of interest
Learn to utilize breathing training in your everyday life to maximize your potential