Laser Link Golf GS1 Slope Laser Golf Rangefinder

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The GS1 Laser Rangefinder is the ultimate measurement tool for golf. Distance to any target on the golf course at just the touch of a button. But that's not all -- slope measurements and slope compensated distance are yours as well. Knowing the precise distance to your target is the first step in the quest toward better swings, and GS1 gives you everything you need to play your best. SLOPE: At your command, the GS1 will measure not just the "straight line" yardage, but also the slope angle to your target. Using this information, GS1 will calculate a slope-compensated distance so that you know the �straight line� distance, as well as the �plays like� distance to your target. Important info when you�re looking at an uphill shot with a deep bunker in the front. CUSTOMIZATION: Choose your unit of measurement, choose slope or no slope, choose vibrate, choose the look of your aiming reference on the LCD. The GS1 Slope is designed to let you decide what works best for you.