Cougar Women's Creek Black Maple Plaid Size 10 Premium Faux Fur Winter Boot

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Cougar Creek Women's Winter Boots - Details: Winter has met its match. Cougar Creek women's boots are built to help you handle the coldest weather with flair, with a waterproof exterior, comfortable lining and insulated design. Learn more about our Cougar Creek winter boot features below. + Waterproof nylon & faux leather upper with rubber shell + Lace-up closure + Round toe + Rated -11°F/-24°C + Thermolite insulation + Sherpa pile lining + Memory foam cushioned footbed + 1.5" molded heel + Anti-slip rubber sole Built to Resist Winter Weather and Water The Cougar Creek women's waterproof cold weather boot combines the best water-resistant technology with a long-lasting rubber shell. Waterproof nylon and a faux leather exterior with a cozy flannel-lined interior design will keep your feet warm and dry no matter the temperature. Designed for Unmatched Comfort These boots are more than just a pretty pair of accessories. They're built to last and made for adventure. You'll enjoy features such as snug lace-up closure, a rounded toe and Sherpa pile lining. Don't worry about icy conditions — each boot is designed with an anti-slip rubber sole for extra protection. Wherever your Cougar Creek snow boots are taking you, a memory-foam-cushioned footbed and a molded heel will ensure a comfortable journey. Rated to Handle the Cold Cougar Creek boots are rated to handle -11°F or -24°C. Thanks to thorough Thermolite insulation, they're the perfect accompaniment to a winter hike or a snowy adventure. Gear up for the season with your own pair this winter. Purchase Cougar Creek Winter Boots Today Ready to up your winter game with a pair of your own Cougar Creek boots? Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops offers an assortment of women's sizes as supplies last. Select your choice from a variety of available color options, and place your order