Vaultskin Victoria Crossbody iPhone Leather Wallet Case

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The innovative and stylish Vaultskin VICTORIA allows you to carry all your most important items � phone, cards, cash, and keys � in one compact, fashionable design.

The luxurious, high-quality genuine Italian leather feels and looks great. It holds your phone and cards firmly while allowing them to slide out quickly when needed. Practically, the quick-pull strap gives you instant access to frequently used cards. Stylish and light-weight the VICTORIA can be worn across the body or on the shoulder with a strap, or without the strap, held in the hand.


Keep your iPhone, cards, cash, and other small items, such as a few keys and a memory card, together and secure. Store up to 10 cards in two pockets- keep 2 of your most frequently used cards in the front pocket, and up to 8 in the other. Both pockets are secured by Vaultskin�s signature retractable strap which also gives easy access to the cards in the larger pocket. No need to remove the phone from the phone case to charge the phone. Camera hole fits iPhone models 6, 6(S), 7, 8 & X. Easy access to on/ off and volume buttons, charging and earphone ports.