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Trikke Lite Pon-e Electric Scooter 36V With Battery

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The TrikkePon-e 36V Lite is a personal transporter that doubles as a fitness machine.

This three wheel electric vehicle can easily be propelled using only your own body power (once you learn the carving motion) delivering a no-impact full body workout that is loads of fun.

Or you can use the power and ski through town, getting in shape for ski season ski training as you go! This is a very engaging three wheel electric scooter that delivers fun, fitness and green transportation all in one package.

Personal mobility and personal transportation has never been better. With the Trikke LEV, you also get very portable mobility because you can fold it up in seconds and toss it into a car, bus or train. Model recommended for flat areas.

Suggested Weight Limit: 250lbs

Suggested Height Range: 5_ to 63_

Recommended Ages: 13+

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