Topeak Mini P20 Black 20 Multi-Tool With Chainlink Tool Bicycle Repair Kit

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20 function pro-quality, precision mini tool with sleek forged alloy body. Integrated chain tool with built-in master link tool for removing master link type chains folds away for a streamlined profile. Compact forged alloy body. Perfect for any road or trailside repair.

2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 mm Allen wrenches
8 mm hex socket
T15 / T25 Torx� wrenches
14G / 15G / Mavic M7 / Shimano� 4.5mm spoke wrenches
CrMo steel chain tool*, CrMo master link tool
#2 Phillips screw driver
Serrated knife / saw

Knife blade lock, extendable for leverage, and secondary chain link fence