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TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch

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Forget wearing a slew of different activity trackers and exercise watches when you're rocking the TomTom Spark GPS Watch.

This ingenious activity tracker doubles as a GPS-enabled multi-sport watch, seamlessly transitioning from tracking your daily steps to measuring heart-pumping workouts.

In fact, this watch not only tracks your steps, active minutes, calories burned, and sleep, but it also provides multi-sport functionality for running, cycling, swimming, and exercising indoors. Its black and white LED screen offers an easy-to-read display in both bright outdoor environments and indoor gyms with dim lighting.

An intuitive left/right button interface effortlessly toggles between the watch's different displays and workout screen menus.

Built-in GPS tracking records speed, pace, distance, calories burned, and workout duration for all of your favorite workouts and activities.

Because it's enabled with a built-in motion sensor, you'll find it tracks indoor workouts as well.

And when you're finished working out, wirelessly upload your exercise metrics via Bluetooth to your favorite smartphone applications, including TomTom's MySports App.

Besides monitoring important exercise stats and 24/7 tracking, it also functions as a training watch for pushing your limits. It offers Race, Goals, Zone, Laps, and Interval modes for gaining an edge on the competition.

Additionally, it comes with an included USB charging cable and user guide.

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