The ONE Club Swing Trainer Adds Resistance To Golf Swing To Improve Stroke

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The One Club Swing Trainer

The ONE club is designed around patented technology that provides progressive inertial resistance directly proportional to swing speed. The faster an athlete swings, the more inertial resistance they encounter.

For athletes as obsessed with their swing as we are, ONE unlocks & engages untapped kinematic potential for more speed, consistency, and confidence.

ONE’s progressive variable resistance allows you to optimize your kinematic sequence resulting in better ball contact. ONE provides tactile and audible clues that also aid release and timing.
The One Club Swing Trainer is Adjustable to Almost any Golfer's Swing
Train the right fast-twitch muscles at the sport-specific speed needed to train and increase swing speed
Enjoy some of the best rounds of golf you’ve played with the confidence you have more power and precision behind every swing

Dynamic Inertia Performance is a company that is developing proprietary consumer fitness products specifically designed to increase the speed and power of sporting movements.
DIP believes that its technology and products will prove to be the most effective way to increase sport-specific speed and power which is an important aspect of sports training. In golf, increased speed of movement translates to higher club-head speeds and longer driving distances.
Increased driving distance is much sought after by both the more advanced as well as casual golfers and golfers who have demonstrated that they are willing to pay for increased distance.
Increased swing and serve speed in tennis, bat and throwing speed in baseball, and slap-shot speed in hockey are equally sought-after skills in their respective sports.
Existing fitness training implements and techniques on the market have been successful at increasing strength but unsuccessful at increasing speed of movement.
A paradigm shift is taking place in the sports training industry in terms of sport specificity of training.
Dynamic Inertia Performance hopes to capitalize on this new and developing need and trend in the industry with its offering of the novel, proprietary sports-specific speed, and power-enhancing products.

ONE fills a niche for power and speed training in golf that has not been adequately met by any competitor products.
Most of the current and popular training aids on the market such as weighted clubs and swing fans that claim to increase speed generally do not work.
Scientific studies in fact reveal that such devices, as they are swung too slowly, can actually reduce swing speed.
What one needs is to train the sport-specific muscles at the right or ever faster speeds (Overspeed training).