Shot Scope Grey PRO LX With Adaptive Slope Technology Laser Rangefinder

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Shot Scope PRO LX Laser Rangefinder

The Shot Scope PRO LX is a highly accurate laser loaded with features to make it as easy to use as possible.
A comfort stability grip combined with Rapid-Fire detection and Target-Lock vibration feedback means you can hit any target with confidence.
The x7 magnification and red/black dual optics ensures the display on the PRO LX is clear and visible in all conditions.
Featuring a switch to turn off the Adaptive Slope technology the PRO LX is compliant with tournament regulations.
Distances are available in yards or meters and are accurate to 1 yard.
While the PRO LX can stand alone as a powerful laser, it shines when used in combination with the Shot Scope H4 Handheld as the PRO LX+.


Red and black dual optics
Adaptive Slope technology
Target-Lock vibration
Rapid-Fire detection
Comfort stability grip
Distances in yards or metres900 Yards range
x7 MagnificationPrecision clear lens
Adjustable eyepiece
Accurate to 1 yard
Water resistant
Conforms to the Rules of Golf
12 month limited warranty
Replaceable CR123 battery
Available in 3 colors
Water resistant carry case

What’s included:
• 1 x Shot Scope PRO LX Laser Rangefinder
• 1 x carabiner
• 1 x laser carry case
• 1 x lanyard
• 1 x CR123 Battery
• 1 x cleaning cloth