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Puttist Plus Smart Golf Putter Putting Game Trainer Digital Black

Puttist Plus Smart Golf Putter Putting Game Trainer Digital Black

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Built-in rechargeable battery

High gloss black body color

Five foot putting green

Mouinting for hard floor or carpet

AC adapter

Built-in Game Functions (t,t,t / 7up / 7dn /
7randomPuttist was introduced in Orlando at the PGA Show afew weeks ago. It was a Finalist for PGA New Product of the Year, and waslisted in the Top 24 Products of the Show, by

PUTTIST from Puttist-USA is a new digital putting aid thatis taking Performance Trainingto the next level.

This innovative digital, portable and rechargeableputting aid will help eliminate those dreaded three putts from your game. Putting is all about practice and PUTTIST allows you to practice anywhere,INDOORS or out.

With PUTTIST you can practice anywhere, any time.

PUTTIST features digital sensor technology that measuresputt distance and gauges direction left or right of the target. It allowsyou to adjust green speed to slow, average or fast, guides you on the green andhelps you to monitor your stroke. With PUTTIST you can developmuscle memory and touch while practicing 6 foot to 45 foot putts in only fivefeet of space. PUTTIST features four skill games to develop positivehabits and provide instant, accurate feedback.

PUTTIST is a must for golfers at all levels of play,professionals and teaching programs.

Puttist is used by some of the most Innovative Putterdesigners and makers, such as Bobby Grace, Bettinardi, Edel Golf, GTX, Lateral Line,etc.

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