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Omega Massage Montage Elite Chair Black

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Montage Elite Massage Chair with MP3 Music Player

The Montage Elite massage chair is the culmination of Omega's efforts to bring you the latest technology with excellent features for a phenomenal massage.

The Montage Elite is sophisticated luxury designed to take you to the highest states of relaxation and tranquility.

The Montage Elite was designed and developed to bring you a complete therapeutic and sensual massage experience.

The Montage Elite Massage Chair Recliner has a full back massage with a complementary air massage system for your lower body to provide you a full body massage.

The Montage Elite has a heat therapy package in the backrest, seat and footrest.

To balance out your sensory experience, the Montage Elite has music therapy that can synchronize the massage to the rhythm of your music.

The Montage Elite massage chair provides a full sensory experience. From the moment you sink into this plush massage lounger, you know that the Montage Elite is something very special.

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