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New Sports Sensors Red Swing Speed Radar Tempo Timer

New Sports Sensors Red Swing Speed Radar Tempo Timer

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Swing speed relates directly to distance and consistent tempo time translates to consistent ball striking. For the first time, an instrument is available by which golfers can obtain immediate real-time feedback on these two important swing characteristics--clubhead swing speed and tempo time.

When used on the driving range, or during practice rounds, the immediate feedback of these two inputs provided by the SSRTT, along with the ball flight characteristics, will help a golfer monitor swing performance, optimize swing mechanics, and monitor swing consistency.

Various metronome devices are available for golfers to emulate tempo characteristics of their swing, particularly the ratio of the back swing to the forward swing. Because the entire swing time from takeaway to ball impact is only about 0.80 to 1.40 seconds, the human reaction time is a significant percentage of the golfer's tempo.

The New Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer compliments tempo training by measuring a golfers ACTUAL Tempo Time consistency, from club takeaway to ball contact, to one hundredth of a second, as well as Clubhead Swing Speed within 1 mph up to 100 mph, and 1% over 100 mph.

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