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Lumos Kickstart Wireless Turn Signal Remote Motion Sensor Bike Helmet

  • 17900
  • Save $ 70

Authorized dealer-warranty is valid.

Authorized dealer-warranty is valid.

Share the road safely

Lumos has bright left and right turn signals that users can activate via a wireless remote. Enhance your hand signals during those wide turns with turn signals!

Clean and Simple

One Remote. Two buttons. Built-in accelerometer to sense when you�re braking. Weatherproof, removable, rechargeable. Intuitive and convenient. Automatic Warning Lights (In Beta)

Warning Rear Traffic

The Lumos Helmet senses when you're slowing down and turns all the lights on the back of your helmet a solid red. Give the cars behind you an extra heads up!

Rechargeable Battery

Convenient Charging

Both the helmet and remote can be charged with the included magnetic charging cable. 2 hours to charge. Lights lasts 3 hours in solid mode and 6 in flash mode.


A helmet as hardcore as you

Rain or shine, if you are riding your bike, you can be sure your Lumos Helmet can go with you.

Smartphone App

Connect your helmet to your phone!

Lumos Helmet companion app available on iOS and Google Play store. Update helmet settings, check your battery levels, and get automatic battery notifications about your helmet on your phone!

Great Fit

Sturdy and Comfortable

Adjustable retention system to make your helmet fit like a glove.

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