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Lone Peak Black Expedition Seat Pack ST-800 Black

Lone Peak Black Expedition Seat Pack ST-800 Black

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We designed the Expedition Seat Bag for the bikepacking enthusiast in all of us.

The Expedition Seat Bag's versatility allows you to use it for your big day rides in its rolled down format, or use it fully extended for your epic multi-day trips.

Big or small, the Expedition Seat Pack is the answer for all of your bikepacking needs.

We constructed the Expedition out of super-durable, water resistant 1000 D textured nylon, X-Pac Nylon, and Coverlight Truck tarp in the high wear seatpost and seat rail areas.

To enhance stability and bag integrity, we also added a HDPE plastic insert to the bottom of this great pack.

The Expedition Seat Pack also features a quick release compression strap inside of the bag to help with gear separation and further stabilization of the bag.

To get the best performance out of this great pack, we also engineered it with an adjustable position saddle rail strap and covered this with strap with Coverlight material for extreme durability and anti-slip performance.

With 4-points of external compression and 1 internal, the Expedition Seat Pack is sure to ride smooth and stable when the trail becomes rough.

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