Lag Shot 10.5 Degree Driver Right Handed Golf Training Aid

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Adds distance and accuracy to ALL your drives. Groove a driver swing that's on plane with perfect tempo and timing. You can even hit balls with it.
Hit More Fairways and Add 20+ Yards to Your Drives
Tired of short, weak drives? Meet the distance boosting Lag Shot driver.
With the Lag Shot driver, you’ll add 20-30 yards of easy distance to your average drive. You’ll also groove a consistent, repeatable driver swing with a smooth transition, more lag, increased clubhead speed, and perfect tempo and timing.

A Few Benefits You Get With The Lag Shot Driver:
Slows down your “too quick” transition so you can hit solid, accurate drives and find more fairways.
Whippy driver-length shaft drops the club into the slot on the downswing, grooving a shallow swing plane.
Improves tempo & timing by letting you feel exactly where the clubhead is in the golf swing at all times.
Helps you generate more clubhead speed effortlessly (without swinging out of your shoes).
Eliminates weak casting motion and boosts lag naturally (golfers report an extra 17-22 yards off the tee on average).