Kenetrek Men's Bridger Low Lightweight Breathable Hiking Boots

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You know that feeling... when your feet barely touch the ground as you glide over uneven terrain...and whether you're racing across the trails or running errands, super-light and exceptionally tough gets you there without a care in the world.
With bedrock support and weighing in at just over 2 pounds, these water tight, easy-breathing boots will be your best friend through the summer... and with a good sock, into the fall.
Locally designed and tested in Bozeman, Montana backyard.
Available in Medium and Wide Sizes.
Made in Europe.

Key Features:
Lace-to-the-toe, super-light leather and nylon uppers cushioned for all-day comfort.
Kenetrek Supportive Footbeds provide foundational arch support and pronounced heel pocket.
Highly breathable, water-tight construction.
Protective rubber sheath and heel guard supply superior abrasion resistance.
Weight-bearing, full length nylon midsoles atop high traction Kenetrek KT-light ousole.