Joules Women's Wellibob Tan Leopard Size 8 Short Height Rain Boot

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Classic, practical and stylish. These ankle boots are here so that every outdoor adventure (no matter how big or small!) can be enjoyed in style.

Whether you're heading to a festival or a farmyard our new hand-drawn printed Wellibobs will make sure you stand out from the crowd. Made from a hardwearing natural rubber they'll see you through season after season of muddy strolls and with a side gusset and pull tab theyll be easy to slip on and off. Perfect if you're looking for an alternative to our classic wellies.

Wash your wellies with a cloth and warm soapy water.
hem dry quicker. Avoid leaving your wellies on a radiator to dry.
Simply wipe away any white powdery residue on your welly with a damp cloth. This is a perfectly natural process called "blooming" in which the natural oils in the rubber work their way to the surface.
Remove the insoles of your wellies and wash them separately. Ideal for when those puddles are deeper than expected!

Store your wellies in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Better still, keep them tucked away in one of our stylish welly bags.
Try to stop your wellies from folding over.