Hit N Move All Day Pro Soft White/Blue/Red 16oz. Genuine Leather Bowing Glove

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Genuine grained leather boxing glove that delivers a softer punching experience. ALL DAY® Pro Soft gloves were designed to enhance comfort and stability for all boxing workout variations.

Grained Premium Leather: Crafted with 100% genuine high grade "grained" cow hide leather to provide a natural cushion that delivers a next level of punching experience.
Dart Compression: Proprietary foam padding that increases instant feedback and protection.
Smart Fit: Compact design provides a smart fit that creates a swift and sleek punching experience.
Moisture-Wicking Technology: Proprietary ALL DAY® moisture-wicking technology creates a dry chamber all throughout the interior of the gloves.
ALL DAY® Padding Technology: Built in layered design with perfected knuckle support.
Designed in the USA: All gloves are designed and engineered in the USA.
ALL DAY® Glove Bag: Matching ALL DAY® Glove Bag is included with each pair of ALL DAY® boxing gloves.

HIT N MOVE® was established in the USA with the mission of providing the most revolutionary sporting goods and equipment in the market.