Handy Bag Black Hybrid Bag Sling Crossbody Backpack

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The most advanced and comfortable bag ever created that fits every user out there.
The first inclusive bag in the world is now a reality.
If you want the best access to your personal belongings, you will always have your phone, wallet, or keys at reach.
You will never lose or have to worry about the most precious items you carry every day.
The Hybrid bag is designed for everyone! Wheelchair users, bicyclist, car drivers, at the office, on the street, younger or older, it doesn’t matter who you are, what matters is the access you will have.
The hybrid bag has 2 dividers inside which makes it perfect to organize your items inside.
Including a Fidlock buckle which makes it so easy to put on or off.

1000D TPU coated Nylon fabric (outer shell)
600D polyester fabric (inner shell)
YKK zippers.
Nylon straps.
IPC nylon sewing thread.