Gator Waders Swamp Offroad Uninsulated Gale Waders Stout 10

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Stay cool and dry when temperatures are too high for insulated waders with these uninsulated, 100% waterproof waders from Gator Waders.

When you�re outside working hard, hitting your favorite trails, or getting a little muddy on the back 40 the warm weather can keep you from wearing your favorite waders, especially if they�re insulated and get you overheated. That�s why we developed these uninsulated Swamp Off-Road Waders that keep you clean and dry without causing you to sweat. A lightweight, multi-layered design that boasts reinforced leggings, built-in slip-resistant rubber boots, and a dry goods storage pocket, they�re the perfect solution for outdoorsman who want the protection without the added body heat.

Product Details:

Swamp Off-Road Uninsulated Waders
Mud-Tire Inspired Rubber Boots (Built In)
Flip-Out Dry Goods Pocket
Mud Rider Cut for Enhanced Comfort
3-Layer Breathable Top
4-Layer Reinforced Legs
100% Waterproof Protection
Breathable for Spring, Summer, Fall
1.5� Heavy-Duty Adjustable Elastic Straps

Keep your body warm, dry, and cool with uninsulated Swamp Off-Road Waders from Gator Waders by clicking Add to Cart above to get yours today.