Gator Waders Men's Evo1 Seven Waterproof Waders King 12

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The ultimate neoprene mud riding wader, period. The Gator Waders Evo1 Offroad Wader gets its name from being the evolution of mud riding waders. We took the best features customers raved about in all previous generations and combined them, made them better, and put them into one powerhouse wader. Pockets on the outside of waders become useless after the first deep mud hole. So, we put a fleece-lined hand-warmer pocket on the inside of the wader and a flip-out dry goods pocket large enough for your keys, wallet, phone, chapstick, and other essentials. Our bib-cut design allows the same high-rise protection but now offers more freedom of your shoulders and arms, meaning more comfort. The new hook-n-ladder strap system is the final touch to a bomb-proof system. There are no buckles to break and no velcro to get caked with mud. It also allows your length adjustment to be in front of you instead of the terrible over-the-shoulder reach we all hate. Welcome to the future of mud riding!

Hook-N-Ladder Strap System
Internal Fleece Hand-Warmer Pockets
Flip-out Internal Dry Goods Pocket
Bib Cut for Maximum Comfort
4mm Neoprene Construction
600g Thinsulate Boots
Mud tire Inspired Boot Tread