Gator Waders Mens Deck Boots Size 12 Grey Ankle High Waterproof Shoes

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Be ready for every outdoor adventure with a pair of comfortable Gator Waders Breakline deck boots that are designed for modern outdoorsman.
Whether you love hitting the lake for a weekend of fishing, enjoy camping all summer long, or always get stuck walking the dog when the rain is coming down you need a good pair of shoes that can do it all while keeping your feet dry and comfortable.
We created the Gator Waders Breakline Series Deck Boots with an interior neoprene lining and 100% waterproof exterior to ensure your socks stay dry and your feet always stay under you when things get slick.
Complete with slip-resistant outsoles and reinforced heels and toes these boots offer the ideal balance of strength, comfort, and resilience for every outdoor experience.

100% waterproof exterior
Slip and scuff resistant outsoles
Pull tab for easy on and off
Reinforced Toe and Heel Protection
Flexible neoprene interior
High ankle support