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Safari Canvas Gaiters, made from medium weight cotton canvas, are great sock protectors to stop sticklers, sand and stones from entering your hiking boots and making you uncomfortable. The elastic tops keep grass burs from sticking to your shoe laces and making your skin itch. The Velcro in the back makes them easy to put on and take off without removing your boots. Machine washable for convenience and ease of care. These safari canvas gaiters, made in Africa from durable cotton canvas, are just the protection your feet need when hiking and hunting in remote places.
SIZING GUIDE for Ankle Gaiters
For Best Fit, follow this Guide
The Size you select is dependent upon your ankle "thickness" and whether you choose to wear the gaiters directly over your socks when wearing Shorts or if you will be wearing them over your pant leg .
Measure Your Ankle circumference with Socks On approximately 8 inches off the floor. Measure your Ankle circumference with Socks and Long Pants on Approximately 8 inches off the floor. For a Comfortable Fit, not too tight and Not Too Loose
Size Small : Fits an Ankle Diameter of 8 Inches with Socks and stretches up to 12 inches over your Pant Leg Size Medium : Fits an Ankle Diameter of 9 Inches with Socks and stretches up to 13 inches over your Pant Leg Size Large: Fits an Ankle Diameter of 10 Inches with Socks and Stretches to 14 inches over your pant leg.
Remember, these gaiters have Elastic Tops so the idea is to have them fit comfortably and NOT to be too tight as to Cut Off your Blood Flow, So a Slightly Loose fit works, and the Gaiters will not " Slip Off" your foot...and they Won't Creep up unless you wear them too tight.