ESS Sunglasses CDI Black with Mirror Blue Polarized Lens

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The resilient, battle-hardened CDI sunglass has a long track record of saving eyes and lives in hostile situations. Now with high-impact, ANSI Z87.1-rated polarized lenses, the CDI offers new ways to protect your eyes from hazards and glare.
The ESS CDI Polarized Mirrored Blue high-impact lenses can be easily exchanged for quick adaptation to your environment. Its high-speed low-drag frame and shatter-resistant lenses make the CDI comfortable and cool enough for downtime yet functional and rugged enough for the battlefield. Medium fit.
The CDI's Lateral Exchange System makes interchanging any of the seven available lens colors quick and easy.
Accessory Lenses are available in: Clear, Smoke Gray, Hi-Def Yellow, Mirrored Copper, Mirrored Silver, Mirrored Gray, and Polarized Mirrored Gray.(Not Included)
All ESS lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection.