Christopher Cloos Pampelonne Champagne 48mm Minimalistic Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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  • PRO BLUE LIGHT FILTRATION - Working long hours with dangerous screen light, can stress your brain, disrupt your sleep-cycles, and make your eyes look tired.
  • UNMATCHED FIRST CLASS COMFORT - The most comfortable Blue Light blocking experience to date, as comfortable as flying on first class.
  • HIGH-END BUILD QUALITY - Now you can for the first time, get Blue Light Blocking Glasses with premium build quality, in timeless Danish design.
  • LOOK BEAUTIFUL - even though your vision is perfect. Unlike cheap Blue Light Glasses, Cloos won’t leave an unpleasant yellow tint on your face, and vision.
  • NON PRESCRIPTION Glasses - PRESCRIPTION READY - Take them to your optician to fit your prescription - or don't. It's up to you.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Tailored for any face / Ready to wear - all you need is a face. Lens width: 48 millimeters

The new Pampelonne is named after the iconic Pampelonne Beach located in Ramatuelle.
Known for being the crown jewel of beaches in the St. Tropez area, it was the obvious choice to name this frame Pampelonne.
Our Pampelonne has a round, minimalistic and timeless shape that will forever stay in style.
The frame is introduced in a strong and enriching Bourbon color.

Measurements 48mm-21mm-145mm