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Brite Strike DLC-200-8 Tactical Duty Light Flashlight with 8GB Camera

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At BSTI our firm position is that we will never be a �Me Too� manufacturer.

If we cannot make it different and better, we simply will not be in the category.

The Duty Light Camera� is an all around great duty light that is bright, durable, water resistant and shock resistant, in a small size that easily fits on an officer�s belt.

It is not just a great rechargeable duty light, but the fact that it has a simple and easy to use built in VID, digital video recorder, makes it an essential tool for police officers, allowing the officer to record the events as they took place and can �Cover Your Assets� later in court.

The Duty Light Camera�, is small and lightweight (approx. 12.3 OZ) and 7.5� long, and has a removable light diffuser for very high-end video clarity that virtually eliminates the hot spot.

The diffuser can be stored in the end cap of the light when not in use.

The built-in audio can be de-activated.

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