Breakmaster Golf Exelys Green Reader Training Aid

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Includes carrying case and instructions.

Videos are available to view on the Breakmaster website.

Are you hitting every breaking putt? Of course not.Not even Tour Pros get it right every time.

The more important question is: Are you reading the break correctly?
For most of the distance of your putt, the force of your putter stroke is the determining factor on how the ball will roll. But as the ball slows down on its way to the hole, the power of your stroke has progressively less effect as the force of gravity takes over.
This is why the ball breaks the most as it nears the hole. Sometimes you think you know which way a green is going to break, but then the ball breaks differently than your eyes told you it should. The reason for this is that golf course designers often deceive our eyes by use of the terrain surrounding a green.
So how do you find the true break of a green? Without accurate information, you have two choices: trust your memory (from previous rounds) or guess. Rest assured, Pro Golfers and Caddies never guess.
The number one tool chosen by more and more Tour Pros and Caddies to measure greens is the BreakMaster Digital Green Reader.