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BamBoom WhistleStick Lime Green/White 45" 25oz. Golf Swing Trainer Training Aid

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Every golfer wants to hit long drives and accurate iron shots.

Whistle Sticks can help you do both.

Our Patent Pending swing trainers help you to increase your swing speed and create more consistently accurate swings on all your shots.

Only Whistle Sticks have TWO AUDIBLE devices implanted into each stick.

When the air flows through these devices properly you will hear a "Whistle" If you don't hear that sound or it is faint you know your path to the ball wasn't proper.

You'll also know WHERE you are generating the most power.

If you hear the "Whistle" behind the ball you know you released the club head too soon.

In time you'll be gaining strength and swinging with more speed and accuracy because you'll be able to correct your swing immediately based on the AUDIBLE FEEDBACK our Whistle Sticks provide.

Made of Bamboo

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