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Bamboo Cay Mens Large Pink Palmingo Button Front Embroidered Camp Shirt

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Get dressed for the tropics. Just by wearing this mens beach shirt, you will be able to bring the island lifestyle home. Each shirt is embroidered with an elegant bamboo design on the sides.

The super soft and lightweight fabric keeps you comfortable in all seasons. Not just comfortable, wearing this shirt will instantly give you island vibes.

. Each button is made from real coconut and signature Bamboo Cay logo is laser engraved onto the button! Stock up for your tropical vacation, wear this summer shirt for men in the laidback weekends or add a tropical touch to your everyday workwear. Enjoy the sophisticated look and feel of our back embroideries which feature beautiful designs of different elements and motifs. From wine and beer to relaxING novelties, you can find any Bamboo Cay camp shirt suitable for your need.

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