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Adlens Sundials Unisex Variable Focus Eyewear

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With Adlens Sundials, you can see up close, into the distance and all around you, at the turn of a dial. Great for sharing, keep your convenient pair of Adlens Sundials in your suitcase, beach bag, golf bag, boat, or tackle box. Featuring continuously adjustable lenses these durable and lightweight glasses are perfect for any outdoor activity. With a comfortable unisex frame and adjustable nosepiece, Adlens Sundials are the ultimate spare pair for everything under the sun!

UVA & UVB protection.
Continuously adjustable from far to near
Easily change the glasses to match your needs for a variety of outdoor activities
Corrects over 90% of spherical errors (from -6D to +3D spherical)*.

Award winning Alvarez Lens technology.
Two- wave shaped polycarbonate plates slide across one another to the change the power of the lens.
Frame size 49 22-141.

Hard Case
Inherent one year manufacturers warranty.

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