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13 Fishing Muse Gold 6'9" Medium Lt Spinning Fishing Rod

  • 13999
  • Save $ 70

If you�re looking for the ultimate spinning rods with amazing feel, the 13 Fishing Muse Gold Spinning Rods have what it takes to impress.

Perfect for a range of finesse applications, they have the sensitivity to allow you to distinguish between the current and a bass breathing on your bait.

The advanced 36-ton Mitsubishi Rayon Graphite blanks are also very responsive with ample backbone to make solid hooksets, while having the optimal forgiveness to stay in control of surging bass on light lines.

13 Fishing�s Zonal Action Technology also separates the blank into three distinct zones: lower, mid, tip.

Each zone has distinct performance characteristics for perfect casts, presentations, fish fighting and hooksets.

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