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13 Fishing Concept E Casting Reel

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Offering unprecedented casting capabilities and ultra lightweight performance, the new 13 Fishing Concept E Casting Reels (Elysium) feature 13 Fishing�s all-new Stage 13 Braking system and feather-light Magnesium frame.

Where traditional brake weights affect your casting distance on average 3-5yds with each added brake weight, the Stage 13 Braking system with its 13 settings can be micro-adjusted to make smaller 1-2yd adjustments.

This combined with the Hybrid Ceramic spool and advanced 11 bearing system (10+1) ensures you gain every inch of possible distance - no matter what lure you chose or conditions you face.

When big fish are on the line, the beefy Bulldog Drag System delivers up to 22lbs of drag pressure and super smooth resistance.

Also Equipped with a Japanese NTN Deadstop Anti-Reverse, as well, as a Beetle Wing Rapid Access Magnesium Sideplate for fast and easy access to the Stage 13 braking system, the 13 Fishing Concept E Casting Reels have everything you need to maximize your fishing potential.

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