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HackMotion Lite Wrist Angle Golf Training Aid Sensor Improves Swing Plane

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Super Fast Setup - It takes just 30 seconds to put the sensor on, launch the app and start gathering data. No lesson time gets wasted with long setup.

Measure all the wrist angles - The sensor measures – flexion / extension (bowing / cupping), radial / ulnar deviation (wrist hinge), rotation amount and speed.

Real-time Biofeedback - Select the wrist angle range you want and the audio feedback tone will tell you if you are in your desired position.

After-Swing Biofeedback - Intsant audio feedback after each swing for effective reinforcement learning

Benchmark and Compare Swings - Overlay 2 swings for comparison. Use either tour player data or your own data from previous sessions as a reference.

Mobile - Use it everywhere – both on driving range and on the course. The software runs on iPhone and iPad (iOS 11 or later)

PC version for your Golf Studio - Use the PC sofrware in your indoor golf studio (Windows 10 or later).

PGA TOUR player data - Learn from tour player wrist motion patterns included in the app and compare it your own data.

Full swing / pitching and putting - Get the data for short game and long game. Full swing, pitching, chipping shots and putts are all supported.

Live 3D model - See the wrist data in 3D live mode for visual analysis. Replay the swings and check the angles at each position of the swing.

Automatic swing detection - The sensor automatically detects swings once you start the session. No need to time anything.

Lightweight and small - The sensor weighs just 1.8 oz (50 g) and is so small that you will forget that you are even wearing it.

Right and Left-handed mode - The sensor supports both – right and left handed players. Just wear it on the lead wrist and set the checkbox in software.

Easy to use - User interface has been built around ease of use, you can learn to use the sensor in one training session.

Auto-record data - The sensor automatically detects swings once you start the session. No need to time anything.

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